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Who drives with their arm out the window?

Do you drive with your arm out the window, and why?

  • No, absolutely not!

    Votes: 3 6.3%
  • Yes, sometimes when it's hot outside.

    Votes: 23 47.9%
  • Yes, all the time - it makes me look cool.

    Votes: 9 18.8%
  • Yes, because I'm too big to fit in my car.

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Yes, because of some other reason.

    Votes: 15 31.3%

  • Total voters
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For me it's actually leg more than arm.
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Yes, not quite outside but on the belt moulding when cruising country... city im inside.
I remember the early days we would use arm signals instead of turn signals...
Sort of related. Used to do forklift driver training. Among the jingles I’d say “Any part of your body you would like to keep – keep it inside the cab.” Later on, unfortunately, I provided visuals of forklift accidents I had investigated. One of them was a guy I trained. He came around a corner too fast looking up at the storage rack to deposit his materials instead of his location along a wall he smacked into. He would have been fine, IF he didn’t put his foot out to try to stop the collision. Crushed badly forever have a hitch in his walk with fused ankle.

Another was a guy leaving his leg dangling out not realizing how near to an I-beam he was. I-beam and 7,000lb lift truck, he lost his leg at the hip. One more – the habit of grabbing the over-head cage as an arm rest, and jumping off the truck, instead of a proper dismount, wearing jewelry...his wedding ring caught on the cage ripping his finger off with the tendon. Used to be irritating to train a driver displaying all the safe operation moves to pass the test, then a week later finding the driver racing around and doing other dangerous stunts.
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