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How do you eat your chili?

200 posts about chili, less a few of us who ran it a tad off the rail, yeah I’m guilty. Sadly, the better the food tastes, chili, or whatever food it is, the less healthy it is purported to be. That sucks.
Do you eat crackers or bread with your chili?
Wife and I had chili for the first time this fall. I have always have eaten my chili with peanut butter sandwiches or with crackers that I put peanut butter on one at a time. Wife says I am odd but I am perfectly happy being odd.
If I eat chili at a bar I like mustard and horseradis.
I like my chicken noodle soup with a cheese sandwich.
I like to watch and see the different way people eat popular foods. There is a small bar that I eat lunch at sometimes and they serve ranch with pizza.
the answer is simple, in a big bowl !!!

Chili is actually one of the better foods for you, especially for diabetics.

WAY high in protein- two different kinds if with beans, and way low in carbs, unless you load it with crackers.
I love the stuff, It's got a lot more flavor than some others I've tried.

The Pico Pica is also my #2 choice, a little more heat than Old Bay.
Pico Pica is a local CA made sauce here, not sure if it's around the country.
I'll send you a bottle if you want to try it out, you won't be disappointed !!

Old Bay also has some heat, but not a whole lot to overpower anything and make your lips messed up.
And who doesn't love that Old Bay Spice Flavor, just good on all kinds of food.
Hot Sauce is supposed to be flavorful too, not just burn up your lips.
Love me some Old Bay, especially on snow crab legs and shrimp.
I believe I'm going to fetch some of New Jerseys' unofficial breakfast meat....
anybody up for some pork roll (Taylor, of course)?
My wife says I can't eat those.....because they're Herr's.

I believe I'm going to fetch some of New Jerseys' unofficial breakfast meat....
anybody up for some pork roll (Taylor, of course)?
not sure what ur getting, what is pork roll in tn? we should start a thread about local food / local food styles… we talked about some different things here (( old bay hot sauce , things added into chili…) , i got some good ideas …..
i’ve had them old bay chips they was gooood! i like herrs stuff….

Of course our favorite is "corn flavored" potato chips.

VERY hard to find and "seasonal" around here.

WAWA stocks the "corn flavored" pop corn but not the chips.

We've ordered a few cases in the past, but they are so "easy to eat" as my wife calls it that they don't last long.

$57 for a case of 12-

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Thanks to you starting this thread @Scott Engelhardt , Chili season officially began in our house last night. The weather is perfect for it around here.


We were clean out of saltines and oyster crackers, so I resorted to my old faithful…

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