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LED Headlights


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Apr 7, 2013
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Pittsburgh PA
Think all would agree that in 66 era cars incandescent headlights were not very good considering the LED headlight performance of todays cars. After research and some posts on various forums about folks that did conversions to various other brands of LED headlamps that required either some mechanical or electrical modifications, I decided on "Holley brand Retro Brights". A bit pricey, but they are truly plug N play with no modifications or messing around required as with other less expensive alternatives. Installed them yesterday on my 66 Charger and very pleased with them. They draw a lot less current that the original incandescents and light output is significantly better as one would expect..
Normally i'm not a fan of LED headlights on classic cars because their modern look do not fit the design of these old cars IMHO.
But i just looked them up. They seem to have a stock appearance + plug & play.



So on first glance i like this product.
Unfortunately not allowed here in germany.
(But the conversion headlights necessary to pass german inspection aren't that bad actually and you can change just the bulb without having to replace the whole assembly.)
On these you can order with a conventional color temperature more like that of an incandescent, or or if you prefer, a more modern whiter light like todays cars LED's.
And yes, the outward appearance looks like that of the original incandescents.
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