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Names of race car drivers (or anyone else) that made you scratch your head......

Tom 'the Mongoose' McEwen, HotWheels races cars Icon,
stellar drag racer, Snakes rival, former teammate
Kenny 'Bud King' Bernstein, FC & TF champion
dominated with Dale Armstrong as his CC, in FC & TF
Lee Shepard, 70's PS NHRA, great driver & a great man
had many talks with him in the pits, staging lanes
Okay, I'll play.
Who here has heard of Count Louis Zborowski. At 16 years old, one of the five richest humans on the planet. Astor family mother, polish aristocrat father. Inherited the equivalent of 1.3 BILLION pounds cash (todays value).... and seven acres of Manhattan, and several blocks of 5th Avenue.
Racing fanatic, built Aero engine race cars, all named Chitty Bang Bang (Really!)
Killed, driving in the 1924 Italian grand prix.
One of his cars morphed into Babs, land speed record holder, and killer of the first man to die, attempting to increase the LSR., John Parry Thomas.
Bruce McClarren, the LeMans trophy winner, kicked Ferraris's asses
great engineer too

Carrol Shelby, need I say more

Dan Gurney, he did everything
killer engineer too

A.J. Foytt, great Indy & Baja guy

Mario Andretti,
Drag racer FC driver, Indy racer/champion, F1 Champion, Baja 500-1000

Al & Bobby Unser, Al Jr.
Pikes Peak & Indy champs

Rusty Wallace, my Pontiac & Kodiac compadre

Tony Stewart, dude is every where now
track owner, prof. owner/driver & champion,
midget, indy, sprints/outlaws, now drag racing
I think he tried offroad too

Jeff Gordon, not my favorite
but good driver/racer now owner/TV guy

Richard Petty 'the King'
200+ wins 7 time USAC/NASCAR driver Champion

Jimmy Johnson, another 7 time NASCAR champion,
did well in SODA offroad early too

Kyle Busch
As much as I don't like him personally, he's a good winning driver
Kurt Bush too, dabbled in fast MoPars & P/S too

Dick Landy
Ronnie Sox
Bill 'Grumpy' Jenkins

Dave Hough, AA/A Nanook of the North Fame
reason I 1st built my altereds

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John Force
no matter if you like the guy, he's had 17 Championships as a F/C driver
he dabbled in AA/A too
where I 1st saw him

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Don 'the Snake' Prudhomme, I love that guy (in a none sexual way)
one of the best drag racers ever, real racecars 'without doors' :poke:
But do any of their names make you scratch your head??
But do any of their names make you scratch your head??​

Dick Trickle, I always kinda wondered what the heck his folks were thinking when they gave him that name. Man I bet he took a lot of ribbing in school growing up!!
Dick Trickle.

Shake it once or twice more....
I was going to post the same name.
My Dad was a musician in the late 50s, early 60s. One of the bandmates was named Dick Dangler.
Bubba Wallace, sounds like a good ol’boy. He’s a jerk. Makes me scratch my head about how stupid he is.
Scotty Cannon early Pro-Mod his 'Killer Tomatoe' cars were always winners
fast M-fer's too

Jeff Brozovich (spell) early days of Pro-Mod, Lumina & 40 Ford IIRC
He ran with us in our Calif. Outlaw PS ***. before Pro-Mod took off

Bill Kuhlmann later 1980's - 1990's 1st ever PM/TS Sbc to go 200+ & 7 seconds

Mike Ashley Pro-Mod & later FC
always had a swoopy batmobile big winged bad *** PM, did well in FC too
his son Justin Ashley is racing T/F today, pretty damn good at it too

Jim Cyr lil' none guy from Concord did well,
he was our 1st Pres. of the C.O.PS.A.

Fritz Kaiser, NTF driver great wrench too

Al Bush (RIP) pilot of the Crazy Horse IHBA BFFB (blown fuel flat bottom)
too fast they eliminated the class
IHBA Crazy Horse Al Bush Driver Pete & Marlene Kaiser Owners.jpg

IHBA Crazy Horse IHBA record BFFB Al Bush coming out of the boat.jpg

record holder still to this day (my neighbors Pet & Marlene, Fritz's parents owned the boats)
a great guy & friend, LACO firefighter lost his battle with prostate cancer
what a fun dude to be around too
I asked him one time how many boat he wrecked or sunk
he relpied "all of them,one point or another"
I once saw him get pitched out of the boat at like 180+
Gary Ormsby, Lee beard was one of his CCs
Gary he was from Auburn, Ca area
met him really young, T/F champion
Had a Chem teacher in high school Mr. Beader. (pronounced Bay der). Sometimes known as Master,.... as in Masterbeader.
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one of the Long Beach Gang
Joe Pisano (Uncle Joe) owner driver & founder of
JP1 Venolia rods & pistons,
partnered with his bros. Childs & Alberts rods rings bearings etc.
without their help (especially Uncle Joe)
I wouldn't have been able to race for about 1/2 of my time, early on
84 Olds Cutlass FC Pisano.jpg

33 Willys Gasser AA-GS Joe Pisano Chizler.jpg

that's Uncle Joe with his back to the camera, tuning AA/G
33 Willys Gasser AA-GS Joe Pisano Chizler Bones Dubach & Joe Pisano in the photo.jpg
@Budnicks we're looking for names that are 'different'.......!! Not names that made a difference......
But do any of their names make you scratch your head??
every one of the Racecar drivers I mentioned
at one time or another made me scratch my head
said or did stuff, some I won't & couldn't mention
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