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Names of race car drivers (or anyone else) that made you scratch your head......

My first grade teacher's name was Mrs Bent but never knew her first name or if her last name was spelled that way. Also there was a guy at work with the last name was Peter. His first name was Charlie so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary but we did have some fun with his last name. A friend of mine's last name is Boguz and is pronounced bogus.....and he just happens to be in the car sales business.
Salt Walther.
I was never really into auto racing but the name sticks in my head. I was about 10 and I remember watching the crash at Indianapolis on tv with my grandfather. His legs were sticking out of the car
How bout Stoner? Yup....real name just like Boner. Think I already mentioned Assman earlier......geez, my last name was bad enough let alone having the 3 I just mentioned!
Cade Canon Ball. Had to look that one up when I ran across it and yeah he's real.
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